Are Suction Dentures Right for You?

SB Dentures is proud to offer suction effective and precision equilibrated dentures. These dentures provide our patients with a more precise and secure fit thanks to the strong, effective suction mechanism that holds lower dentures in place.

How Do Suction Dentures Work?

With the help of the soft tissues in your mouth, suction effective and precision equilibrated dentures use suction to stay in place with a strong, secure seal. These dentures are made based on precise measurements and molds of the soft and bony tissues in your mouth. That way, an air-tight seal is created when the dentures are in place, resulting in the effective suction this technique is known for.

Advantages of Suction Dentures

  • Secure and stable
  • More precise fit
  • Lighter and less bulky than most conventional dentures
  • Dental adhesive is not required
  • Fit and feel more natural than most other dentures


An artistic photo of a lower denture held up to a light

Find out if suction dentures are the right solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will suction dentures work for me?

When you meet with our denturist, we can discuss your needs and dental history to determine if this denture option is right for you. If we determine suction dentures would benefit you, we will come up with a unique treatment plan just for you.

How are suction effective and precision equilibrated dentures different from conventional dentures?

Many patients find their suction effective and precision equilibrated dentures are a lot lighter, less bulky, and more comfortable than conventional dentures once they make this switch. Suction dentures also stay in place with a strong suction effect, rather than relying on dental implants or dental adhesive to keep them in place. Additionally, this technique results in a more precise fit than most conventional dentures offer.