Same Day Dentures: An Immediate Solution for Your Missing Teeth

When our patients come to us with questions before tooth extraction surgery, one of their biggest concerns is often how long they’ll have to go without teeth until their dentures are ready. The good news is, with the help of immediate dentures, we can tell our patients that they can have dentures put in the same day of their tooth extraction surgery!

Same-day dentures are designed to be an immediate, but temporary solution. They are ready to go in immediately following tooth extraction surgery and the patient can wear them for about six months while they wait for their dental tissues to heal enough for their permanent dentures to be worn.

One to six weeks following tooth extraction surgery, a patient’s extraction sites should be healed enough for a temporary liner known as a tissue conditioner to be placed. Once the tissue is completely healed (six months to one year following surgery) then, and only then, should a permanent reline be done.

Full upper dentures with stud

Post Tooth Extraction Instructions

As with any surgery, it’s important to plan ahead for your recovery and be prepared to manage any pain, discomfort, or challenges you could face. Your dentist and denturist will offer you plenty of advice for post tooth extraction care and recovery, including how to clean your immediate dentures, keep swelling at bay, and manage your discomfort.

This advice includes:

  1. Removing and cleaning dentures with a denture cleaner 24 hours (not sooner) after surgery.
  2. Rinsing your mouth with a warm saltwater solution to promote healing.
  3. Patients should expect swelling and discomfort.
  4. Patients should continue taking medication (if any prescribed) or follow specific instructions given to them.
  5. Choosing high-calorie, soft foods during recovery.
The denture examination room at SB Denture clinic with the view from the doorway

Get dentures and tooth extractions on the same day with immediate dentures from SB Dentures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get teeth pulled and dentures on the same day?

Yes, this is what immediate dentures were created for. They are temporary solutions patients can wear while they wait for their extraction sites to heal for permanent dentures.

Are tooth extractions painful?

Patients are given an anesthetic to ensure there is no pain or discomfort during tooth extractions. Following the surgery, some patients report zero pain or discomfort, while others report some pain, swelling, and discomfort, but it tends to be mild and manageable if post-operative care instructions are followed.

How long do I wear immediate dentures?

Your denturist and dentist will give you specific instructions, but most patients are told to keep their immediate dentures in for 24-48 hours following tooth extraction surgery. This is important for keeping swelling and pain at bay. If you remove your immediate dentures too soon, your gums can swell, making it impossible to get your same-day dentures back in.