Don’t let one or several missing teeth stop you from smiling!

With the help of partial dentures, you can fill in those gaps in your smile and show the world your brighter, fullest smile yet.

Partial dentures can fit in your mouth seamlessly alongside your existing natural teeth. Not only does this improve your confidence and your smile, but it can also help maintain or restore your jaw’s form and function. Even if you are only missing a single tooth, your bite pressure shifts, and your other teeth will begin to move to accommodate for this gap. But your partial denture can keep these gaps filled so your other teeth and dental tissues don’t pay the price.

Find out what makes partial dentures the easy and relatively inexpensive smile fix that our clients are raving about.

Common Questions About Partial Dentures

  • Will they work for me?
  • How much will partial dentures cost?
  • How long do partial dentures cost?

We look forward to answering all of these questions and more during a free consultation where we can determine if partial dentures are the right fit for you. Call us today to book your appointment.

The denturist and lab technician at SB Denture Clinic working on a new denture

Experience the difference quality partial dentures can make for your smile and your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a partial denture work?

With the help of replacement teeth attached to a pink plastic base connected by a metal framework, partial dentures are a removable option that fills in one or several missing teeth in your mouth.

Can you eat with partial dentures?

It might be challenging at first, but many partial denture wearers eat and chew comfortably with their device in. As you get used to your partial dentures, be sure to take small bites, and avoid any particularly hard or sticky foods.

How long do partial dentures last?

This will depend on how healthy your remaining teeth and dental tissues are, as well as how well you care for your partial dentures. Be sure to ask us for tips and strategies for wearing your dentures comfortably for as long as possible.